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Workshop: Co - Wibes; "Courage" for Women
October 22nd, 2022 in Munich (Schönfeldstraße 17)

The MUT workshop is for YOU, a woman who wants to move forward to realize an idea make a better decision or discover your potential and make the most of it. 


Through our courage, we support you in partnership with other women in order to create a better connection to yourself. You will be able to recognize and use your resources so that you see your obstacles as learning opportunities.  

Why a Workshop for women?

Through our experience as coaches and organizational developers and our own life experience, we have developed the desire to support women in reaching their authentic power and overcoming their inner limits. We have often observed that it is not skill or ability that achieves things, but sometimes a little courage. 


Today is the day to treat yourself. We offer a break from everyday life in which you can discover new possibilities and take good care of yourself. We offer the space to take the next step with the right hand tools.  

Which approaches do we use?

Positive psychology, gestalt coaching based on gestalt therapy, hypnosystemic counseling and new work coaching. We work holistically and mindfully on all levels. And of course resource- and potential-oriented. 

Program & Follow Up

Saturday, 10/22/2022 


10:00 a.m. –  5:00 p.m

  • Clarity  and motivation to take the next step 

  • Awareness, Discussion, ENCOURAGEMENT & Implementation 

  • Who are you? Recognizing strengths ⇒ speaking out / creating realities through language and expression ⇒ what do you wish for your MUT ⇒ what is the first step there 

  • Peer support on the way 


Follow Up, an evening in November 2022  

Your Coaches

Violeta Kameri Portrait (1).jpg

We are Bettina and Violeta, two coaches and trainers with the desire to support women in becoming aware of their strength and developing their potential based on their essence. We bring a wide range of knowledge, experience and methods with us.  


Bettina moves, encourages and supports managers and teams in their development. She combines her many years of corporate and self-employed experience with her know-how in positive psychology and many coaching training courses. Her goal is to support all people in their power to master the big and small steps of professional and private life. 


As a coach, organizational developer and trainer, Violeta accompanies people in change processes. Her goal is to support women to (re)discover the core of their being, to grow beyond their inner limits and to become a strong ally for themselves. 

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