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Me-Retreat: Leading me
November 16th to 20th 2023 at the AEON Hotel in South Tyrol

Take time for yourself.

We have developed a retreat that will take you further.

We would like to invite you to take time to  

- Move your mind

- Move your heart

- Move your body

Do you want to move and develop your personal goals? 

Then treat yourself to a few coaching days with a focus on positive psychology.

Immerse yourself in 5 days of movement, coaching and meditation based on positive psychology to gain:
  • More clarity about your strengths and goals

  • The courage to take the next steps with confidence

  • The mindfulness to find the right balance

  • Positive energy from a unique place and new encounters

What's included?  

  • 3 movement sessions (yin yoga/walking)

  • 12 coaching sessions in the group with the possibility of individual coaching

  • Half board with a vegan menu option in the evening

  • Non-alcoholic drinks during the stay & filled minibar

From EUR 1,599 per person

Your Coach

Bettina Schnabel  ​

Bettina combines courage, energy and power in her coaching concepts and implementations. She accompanies people through big steps in change – with confidence, fun and genuine empathic support.

She loves to move herself and others and to combine this movement with mental development. Bettina's passion is to bring positivity into the world. Every individual has more of that than they think.

Jan Seydel

Jan lives his passion of coaching people and organisations and helping them to evolve. He uses nature to move people for them to overcome their limits and discover their potential.

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